11 Tips for Better Credit Card Safety

  • Be very careful who you give out credit card information to. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with.
  • Credit cards with extra security features are a good idea. The more protections that you have against criminals stealing your account information and making fraudulent charges, the better.
  • Read through the transactions on your card statements and make sure that nothing weird or unexpected shows up. You might be able to catch someone misusing your card.
  • Never leave your cards just lying around. If you keep them with your purse or wallet then make sure you keep them with you as if you had thousands of physical dollars on you.
  • Keep a private list of the information on your credit card encase you ever need to report a card stolen. This information should include numbers to call, the card number, and expiration dates. It should be kept in a safe spot after writing it down.
  • Try to avoid signing blank charge slips. Just because someone gives you their word about what they will be charging to your account doesn’t mean they have to keep it.
  • Shop at trusted sites online that have verified SSL certificates. There are people out there who try to set up fake versions of real sites or online vendors that are just generally shady. You don’t want your credit card information getting into the database of a crook.
  • Try to get into the habit of drawing lines through blank spaces on charge slips. You don’t want others to write whatever amounts they want in those spaces.
  • Be careful making purchases on public WiFi networks. There are people out there who like to pick up on the information you send out of your computer on these networks and may find out everything you just wrote in an online form.
  • Minimize the amount of sites where you store credit card information online. If the business’s database ever gets hacked, your information maybe be exposed to criminals.
  • Get an RFID Blocking Sleeve to store your card in. There are technologies out that that can scan your card at a distance and these sleeves exist to block those signals while you store a card in your wallet. It’s also a good idea to use these with other important cards like a drivers license.
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